my dance – more than passion

I was a little girl, like most of little girls, I wanted to be a ballerina. I
thought ‘oh it must be so glamorous to be a ballet dancer!’ I loved tutu (tulle
skirts), Pointe shoes, and pink tights. Unfortunately, when I was young I was
really fat, so I couldn’t go to ballet school. My parents wanted me to attend
to music school, but it wasn’t what I want to
do. I was dancing in home, when nobody was watching.

Four years ago, in my summer camp I had
my first salsa lesson, and like everybody I started from the basics. Until
that…1,2,3..5,6,7 I have known that it is what makes me happy.  I practice ballroom dance now, and also I
attend to ballet class, because every dance is based on classical ballet
technique.  I train ten dances of
International Standard and International Latin: Slow Waltz,
Tango, Viennese
, Slow Foxtrot, Quickstep
and Cha Cha, Samba, Rumba
, Paso Doble

                 My favorite dances are rumba, cha cha and
slow walz. These three dances are very different from each other. Rumba is
Cuban dance, full of erotic, witch sensual body movements. Tells the story of a
woman who seduces man and controls over him. Woman in that dance should
definitely be in the foreground, and partner can’t dominate. Cha Cha is also a
Cuban dance, was created from a combination of rumba and mambo. It is much faster,
with characteristic short movements. Symbolize joy and fun.  Slow waltz is for me the most beautiful and
romantic standard dance.  Is not as
difficult as the Viennese waltz so you can easily learn it.

            Despite the fact I will never
been a ballerina, I fulfill my dreams. I always have enough energy to go to
training, even when I’m really tried. Dance requires from me patience, and commitment.
Sometimes you are fed up, because something don’t want to go right, and then
you want to run away and never return.  That’s why you must love it when you think
serious about dancing. At the same time, dance helps us to discover ourselves,
and overcome our weaknesses. It also gives a satisfaction, and it may change your
life. Dance for me is happiness