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Moja inspiracja na tą wiosnę, ma w sobie coś niezwykłego, i niosącego dużo pozytywnej energii, poza tym bardzo w moim stylu i zgodne z tym co mam w szafie.
Ten duet projektantów obok Fridi Giannini, dyrektorki kreatywnej Gucciego, chyba stał się moim ulubionym.
Pozdrowienia w szukaniu inspiracji na wiosne ;)

MILAN, September 27, 2010
By Nicole Phelps

The first look out, a crystal-encrusted sweater and hot-pant set,
suggested we were in for a vampy romp in the style of Dean and Dan
Caten’s last show—none too subtle and without much in common with what
the brothers sell so successfully in stores. This time, though, the
opening was not a sign of things to come. While the temptation to turn
up the sizzle on the runway must be hard for these showmen to resist,
resist it they did. Instead, they struck a balance, serving up preppy
tailoring with a winking sex appeal rather than a full-on assault.

The flat oxfords were a big surprise, especially after Fall’s „spinal
cord” heels, but they worked with the show’s pantsuits as well as
winning basics like boxy khakis and plaid bermuda shorts (teamed with a
denim and a white cotton poplin button-down, respectively). The straw
hats and oversize glasses, in contrast, were silly; the collection’s
boyish vibe would’ve come across without them.

Upping the ante for after dark—and no one would begrudge them that—the
designers sent out a daringly bare white waistcoat worn with black
satin short shorts and a backless minidress, alongside more covered-up
pieces like a tuxedo shirtdress, a Le Smoking, and a trompe l’oeil
evening coat-cum-cape. Even a tomboy likes to let her hair down once in
a while.



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Jestem chora, ledwo oddycham a w szkole sajgon. Przyszłe 3 tygodnie mam mocno nie do ogranięcia, ale potem odpoczne na morzu ;)
Jestem zakopana w książkach z historii architektury, ale znalazłam coś co mi poprawiło nastrój. Enjoy! ;)

MILAN, March 2, 2009
By Nicole Phelps

The Dsquared² girls strutted down the catwalk clutching Starbucks venti lattes and Mochaccinos and toting Us Weeklys
in their big leather It bags. Jourdan Dunn checked her BlackBerry,
peering over the rims of her retro shades, while another model sucked
on a cigarette. Show tunes and hair bands vied on the soundtrack. In
case it’s not clear by now, this collection was all about the high-low
mix: T-shirts, preppy pastel button-downs, and boyfriend jeans topped
off with a snug washed leather jacket and a trucker hat; a pair of tank
tops tucked into a mini made from a Chanel-ish plaid bouclé; or a faded
denim jacket tossed on over a black jersey gown with crystal straps.
Nearly every look was accessorized with knit caps, sunglasses, and

fall 09′

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Glam rock by mango. Mój faworyt, just wow!

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